Epic Evolution Creations Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions - We've got answers!

1) Where do your designs come from? Why, what did you hear? I swear, we were here the whole time! Oh, the DESIGNS! Sorry. Most of them literally come from just inspired thought. Here at EEC we love to create unique content, so it's constantly at top of mind as we go about life, and cool ideas just POP IN! That being said, some are certainly inspired by the world around us, and we always put a unique spin on the text or graphics that you can't find anywhere else.

2) Can I get one of your designs, but on a different product? What's it worth to you? HAHAHA - j/k...sort of. Yes, we own all of the designs on this site and they can be put on pretty much anything you can imagine. Well... maybe not THAT! Just reach out with your request and we'll see if one of our print partners can accommodate it. If so, we'll whip up a mockup for you to check out and we'll post it in the store!

3) Is it possible to get a custom version of a design, say with a different color scheme or maybe a name or date on it? Well, sort of. Many of our designs won't really lend to having text put over top of the design, and depending on the type of design, changing colors can be anywhere from simple to very hard. We can always add text AROUND a design, say at the top or the bottom, but over the design itself would probably be rough. Either way, just reach out with the question and if it's possible, we'll make it happen! Then we'll pat ourselves on the back for being amazing before moving on with our day...

4) How long will it take to get my order? Did you say please and thank you when you ordered it? I mean, manners matter! Fine, we'll assume that you were nice and that the Internet Gods shined upon your order. Shipping time is usually 2-4 business days, unless you asked for rush shipping when you placed the order. Each product is literally not made until you order it, so give our production partners a minute to make it fantastic for you, then it will be on its way!

5) Are your products environmentally friendly? Well, at the last BBQ, the hand-spun cotton from one of the t-shirts hit the sauce a little too hard and made little Bobby cry with an inappropriate joke, but yeah, we're still friends! Our products come from many different suppliers, so we can offer you all the cool things, but all of them are making good faith efforts for ol' Mother Earth. If they stop, then they definitely get kicked off the BBQ list!

6) Can I get a discount to try out your products? You betcha! See that cool banner at the top of the page? Use that to sign up for our newsletter and you'll get a code for 20% off your purchase. You'll also get future discounts in the newsletter, so that's awesome. We'll probably even send you some discounts or freebies out of the blue sometimes. We're just cool like that!

7) What if I have a question that wasn't covered here? Send it on over using our contact form - we have an answer for everything! It may involve more beer and pizza, but we'll get to the bottom of whatever it is that you need!

Thanks for reading our Frequently Asked Questions! We hope you enjoyed our Frequently Answered Answers!